Music and Sound Healing

Experience the soothing and sometimes stimulating benefits of cross-cultural music and sound healing practices. Historically, traditional healing practices around the world have incorporated music and sound for health and wellness. Today, modern science and medical practices are catching up with the past.

Evidence-based scientific studies and empirical evidence report the following benefits:

  • Stimulates the brain for clearer thinking, focus and concentration
  • Increases resilience, stamina and ability to copy with the demands of life
  • Enhances the immune system for overall wellness
  • Regulates the heart, vital organs, nervous system and circulatory, respiratory and elimination systems
  • Creates a new vibratory frequency and pathway for health and wellness in the body
  • A fun, relaxing way to relieve stress

Music and Sound Healing Sessions: $100 per 50-minute session

Current clients may receive music during their regular therapy session at no additional cost.

Sound Wellness Classes – Please see the Events page for class information.

Soma Pi

Receive the boost you need to facilitate healing the body, mind, and emotions. Clients report that Soma Pi promotes: rapid healing for broken bones, injuries, infection; relief for headaches, stress, inflammation, and chronic pain; enhanced immune function; deep relaxation; clearing of anxiety, dysfunctional habits and relationship patterns; optimal fitness and performance.

Soma Pi: $80 per 50-minute session

Integrated Awareness Consultations

Empower yourself in this richly informative conversation with your inner voice. Gain a healthy respect for the way your intuition guides you. Access information about:

  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Learning about the cycles in your life
  • Understanding the role of your mind and emotions in creating your health and success
  • Learning what your problematic relationships are teaching you
  • Increasing self-trust and self-esteem
  • Cutting through denial, illusions, and deception
  • Releasing obstacles that prevent a clear spiritual connection within yourself
  • Fulfilling your purpose in life

IA Consultation: $100 per 50-minute session for individual and phone consultations

“The greatest responsibility you have to yourself is to live life fully, with passion, according to the desires of your heart and soul.” –  Kathleen Hill   

Scheduling and Payment

Setting Appointments: Call 505-490-2808 for questions and to schedule appointments.

Payments: I accept cash, check, or credit card via PayPal. Payment is due at the time of services.

Missed Appointments: 24-hour notice is required to cancel appointments. Clients are responsible to pay the full fee for missed appointments and late cancellations.

To make an appointment or to contact Kathleen
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Important:  Complementary healing practices and cross-cultural music and sound practices are not a substitute for medical or psychiatric care or advice. Please consult with your physician if you have a medical condition or any questions or concerns about the appropriateness of using these practices. Complementary practices and cross-cultural music and sound practices can augment traditional medical and naturopathic approaches to health and wellness.