What Clients and Students have to say:

Telephone Consultations

“I had prayed to spirit to place in my path an experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate   woman who could mentor me through life’s challenges.  My prayers were answered when I met Kathleen Hill 8 years ago.  As a mother, wife, sister and daughter I had trials and tribulations just as any woman in my situation.   I wanted to be the best person I could be to fulfill my roles in life.  In my opinion motherhood is one of the most challenging and important roles in society.  Unfortunately sometimes I felt ill equipped to handle those challenges.  With Kathleen’s guidance and insight, I was able to gain clarity into issues with my children.  Kathleen was able to help me step outside of a situation, see the big picture and provide me with effective and loving solutions.

“Kathleen has also helped me with my other roles in life as wife, daughter and sister.   Kathleen has taught me effective communication skills in regards to all of my roles in life.  Friends and family see me in a more positive light, since I have been consulting Kathleen.  Friends and family now seek me out for advice since they have seen me transform into a more calm and confident person.

“I am grateful for Kathleen’s knowledge and insight as a family therapist.  She has helped me to be a happier mother, wife, daughter and sister.  I have experienced such a positive change in my life that I have referred many friends to her.  They as I have discovered that the phone consultations are extremely effective and convenient.  I highly recommend Kathleen Hill as a family therapist.”
Andrea H., Malvern, PA

Infant Massage Class

“I was excited to take our first infant massage class with Kathleen. I knew Kathleen and trusted that this would be a good thing for us and our beautiful daughter. We loved learning how to caress her tiny body with the massage strokes and found that it really helped her settle down in the evening and be less fussy. She also slept longer at night and had less gas. As a father, I decided that touch was essential for a healthy relationship, so I always carried my daughter(s) instead of using strollers, etc. Therefore we really bonded. I loved having this special time with both of my girls. Today they are grown women and world travelers, and we are still very close.”
Walter Dill, www.EveryoneCanDance.com, Whidbey Is, WA

Sound Wellness Class

“When I received Kathleen’s email about Sound Healing, I thought, I don’t know what this is, but I know Kathleen well enough to know I feel safe with her – so I signed up! We have learned all sorts of chants and sound exercises for my health, my brain, my creativity and dancing. I use them almost every day and they help me when I feel distressed or out of sorts. Now, when I don’t know what to do, I chant … and it makes a difference. With Kathleen’s sensitive teaching, the beautiful chants have become part of my life.”
Betsy Alden Robinson, Performer, Santa Fe, NM